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comment 2014-07-22 The Angel Levine (1970) > "T" >
  A little-known gem from the director of "The Shop on Main Street" reuniting him with that film's star, Ida Kaminska, plus Zero Mostel and Harry Belafonte.
comment 2014-07-22 > "" >
  this movie is called mindwarp and it rulez. great acting performances throughout. 327 out of 10.
comment 2014-07-22 Dawn of the Planet of the Apes (2014) > "D" >
  Better quality than most videos
comment 2014-07-22 > "" >
  not too bad...with a twist
comment 2014-07-22 > "" >
  why in the hell isnt there a version that doesnt stop at 50mins I want to see this movie.
comment 2014-07-22 > "" >
  stops at 50:11
comment 2014-07-21 Tammy (2014) > "T" >
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comment 2014-07-21 Tammy (2014) > "T" >
  not very good. definitely not her best movie. same comedy routine, seems forced at times and the story seemed a little thrown together. Characters aren't very developed, some are just introduced once and then dropped in to fill a plot hole or function as a plot device but other than that nothing notable. 3/10 - and that's being generous
comment 2014-07-21 Deliver Us from Evil (2014) > "D" >
  Decent film, I would not call it a horror film. 7/10
comment 2014-07-21 The Loch Ness Horror (1981) > "T" >
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